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Shields Class Sailing Association

Fleet #10 - Marion, Massachusetts

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Dues are payable to the Shields Class Association by June 1 of each season. If you are affiliated with a Shields Fleet, please pay your dues through your fleet treasurer. Usually local dues are added to the national dues. If you are an owner/crew not affiliated with a particular fleet but are day sailing, cruising or racing PHRF, we want to hear from you and value your membership.

Class dues support the maintenance of the Shields class including the Spring and Fall newsletter (the Masthead), Class Rules, website and perpetual trophies. Membership is essential to keeping the class strong and fulfilling the objects of the Association which are to promote Corinthian racing of Shields Class yachts and to maintain the one-design character of the boat.

$50 - Registered Yacht and one Active Member (Skipper or regular Helmsperson)
$15 - Active Member (each additional Skipper or regular Helmsperson)
$10 - Associate Member
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When we receive your information we will add you to our membership and mailing lists.

Privacy Policy: Data collected will only be used for Shields communications and will NOT be shared with third parties.

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