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Shields Class Sailing Association

Fleet #10 - Marion, Massachusetts

Fleet #10 Annual Class Dues

Annual dues are required for each Registered Yacht participating in any Association or Fleet sponsored event. All dues shall be payable by June 1 of each year. See Class Rules. It is strongly encouraged that crew pay dues as Associate; this entitles them to receive newsletters.

Class dues support the maintenance of the Shields class including newsletter (the Masthead), Class Rules, website, perpetual trophies, regattas and local activities. Membership is essential to keeping the class strong and fulfilling the objects of the Association which are to promote Corinthian racing of Shields Class yachts and to maintain the one-design character of the boat.

DescriptionNationalFleet 10
Member+YachtRegistered Yacht and one Active Member (Skipper or regular Helmsperson)$ 50.00$ 45.00$ 95.00
MemberActive Member (each additional Skipper or regular Helmsperson)$ 15.00$ 35.00$ 50.00
AssociateAssociate Member$ 10.00$ 10.00$ 20.00
National Member+YachtNational Member+Yacht (Not local to a fleet)$ 50.00$ 0.00$ 50.00
National MemberNational Member (Not local to a fleet)$ 15.00$ 0.00$ 15.00
National AssociateNational Associate (Not local to a fleet)$ 10.00$ 0.00$ 10.00


  1. Select the type of membership.
  2. Enter your email address for PayPal payment.
  3. Click the Pay Now button to be directed to PayPal. You do not need an account at PayPal and you may pay with any credit card.
  4. Complete the PayPal form to make payment.
  5. If the PayPal step is completed successfully the Shields Class record associated to your email or first and last name will be updated.

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