Ocean - Great Lakes Challenge

Marion, MA - June 26 to June 28, 2020


  1. You must be a registered Shields Class member to register as a skipper for the OGLC. If not a member go to Join Shields Class Association page. It may take a few days for a new membership to be accepted.
  2. Enter the email used for your Shields Class membership and your sail number. Optionally you may enter the email of a co-skipper.
  3. Click the Retrieve Membership button.
  4. Your information will be shown as per your membership. If information is missing or wrong please log-in to your account and edit your data.
  5. Indicate your housing requests (if any).
  6. When you information is correct click the Register button to register.
  7. The next page will be payment.
  8. When registered your status can be seen on the regatta home page.
  9. Use this page to update a registration for changes in sail number, co-skipper or housing details.

Regatta Registration


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